MSC Overseas Loan Fund

The MSC Overseas Loan Fund provides Texas A&M University students with supplemental, interest-free financial aid up to $1,500 for travel or study abroad.  Payment schedules for the Overseas Loan (OSL) are tailored to individual needs, but must be repaid prior to graduation.  Proposals are considered on the 15th of every month from October to April except during the winter break.  Those traveling with our Internship and Living Abroad Program, International Service Program, or Fellows Program may apply for this loan as well as any other Texas A&M students traveling internationally who are seeking funding.

The MSC Overseas Loan Fund draws its financial support from fund raisers and voluntary donations from former students and past loan recipients.

The Education Abroad Office also provides funding opportunities for undergraduates and graduates, including scholarships, loans, and stipends.

Applications (Deadlines are printed on the applications.)

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Note: Only students of Texas A&M University at College Station are eligible for this program.