International Education Outreach

In the spring of 1998, a group of Mexican students from Texas A&M University visited 2nd Grade students of Johnson Elementary School, Bryan, to give an informal presentation about the Mexican holiday, El Cinco de Mayo.  This event sparked the initiative of a new program: International Education Outreach (IEO).

International Education Outreach (IEO) brings cultural presentations into the K-12 schools of Bryan and College Station, reaching students who might not have other international exposure.  Through these presentations, IEO works to broaden children’s perspectives and knowledge, thus developing more well-rounded and sensitive individuals.

Note: This program is offered only to schools located within the Bryan or College Station area.

Program Structure:

This program allows international students to present information on their native countries.  IEO supplements any unit of a teacher’s curriculum that is related to a foreign country or culture.  The cultural presentations can include anything from displays, collections, and pamphlets to computer programs, videos, and hands-on items.

Cultural Dolls Display

Teachers may request a specific country and the desired facets of life to be focused on.  However, only a particular group of countries will be available for presentation at any one time.  Programs can be tailored to fit your time needs, running from 45 to 90 minutes in length.

The presenters are energetic Texas A&M students who represent over 100 countries and volunteer their time for this important outreach program.  They are selected and trained each semester to prepare them for interaction with public school students; many are from the countries they present.

How Can I Request a Presentation?

The IEO Registration Form can be found on the Apply Page.

We would like to accommodate as many students as possible.  There is no charge for this program, and all necessary supplies will be provided.  We may require the use of the school’s projection equipment and TV/VCR.

Note: A minimum of two weeks notice is preferred for scheduling purposes.