Internship and Living Abroad Programs

In the belief that firsthand experience in another country is the best way to achieve international awareness, the MSC Jordan Institute sponsors Internship and Living Abroad Programs (ILAP) for Texas A&M University students. The program annually selects up to ten students, twelve for some countries, to live in one of several countries every summer. The Jordan Institute arranges all of the logistics including roundtrip airfare, housing with host families, group activities, and non-compensatory work experience which can relate to academic and career interests.

The MSC Jordan Institute is proud to currently offer ILAPs in Chile, Singapore, China, England, and Spain.

This program changes students’ lives. Here is what Dakota Plesa, a participant in the 2015 ILAP Singapore, had to say:

“My time in Singapore truly helped shaped me into a more well-rounded person. After an immersive experience interacting with a multitude of peoples and their distinct cultures, I feel comfortable in almost any environment, work-related or otherwise.”

General ILAP Structure

Once accepted into the program, preparations for the trip begin. During the spring semester, the ILAPs provide mandatory orientation sessions to prepare participants for their exciting journey.

Upon arriving at their destination, participants will be placed with a carefully selected host family for the duration of the program. As part of the trip, there will be an initial week of sightseeing before the internship begins and one or two mandatory weekend excursions with the other participants. After completion of the program, participants may engage in independent travel or make separate arrangements to stay with their host family.


All eligible students are encouraged to apply. We want prospective participants to adjust, accept culture differences, and immerse themselves in the culture. Please realize that this program is not a vacation; students develop professional skills through internships and are encouraged to fulfill the duties of that internship with the highest professional standards. All participants are representatives of Texas A&M University and the United States and are to conduct themselves accordingly. Those who wish to receive academic credit must make separate arrangements with their academic department. Each prospective participant must take the initiative and make the most of this opportunity.

(Deadlines are printed on the applications.)

More Information

Note: Only students of Texas A&M University at College Station are eligible for this program.