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L.T. Jordan Membership

One important way to leave a legacy here at Texas A&M is by becoming involved in organizations.  If the L.T. Jordan Institute seems like an organization you want to be a part of, then we invite you to apply for membership(Deadlines are printed on the applications.)

Eligibility: Only Texas A&M Students with a GPR of at least 2.25 are eligible for L.T. Jordan membership.

Membership dues cover retreats, food, and a committee t-shirt.  A retreat is held every semester for business, food, fun, and games! General committee meetings, or GCMs, are held every two weeks; subcommittee meetings are held on the off weeks.

To learn more, read about us, our history, and past newsletters.

Meet the Student Leaders

Kalista Jordan-DeBruin ’21
Major: International Studies & Economics

Javier Santana ’19
Vice Chair and Development
Major: Chemical Engineering

Alex Williams ’21
Major: Sociology & Anthropology

Aaron Salazar ’21
ILAP Assistant Director
Major: Agricultural Economics

Laura Roots ’22
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Miguel Esparza ’20
Major: Civil Engineering

Essynce Lewis ’22
Fellows Assistant Director
Major: International Studies

Pierre-Louis Delbarre ’21
Major: International Studies

Cullen Miller ’22
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Greg Wong ’21
On-Campus Programming
Major: Materials Science & Engineering

Diego Contreras ’21
On-Campus Programming
Major: Accounting

Erin Herndon ’20
Major: Ag Communications & Journalism

Ethan Beauregard ’21
Graphic Design
Major: Computer Engineering

Cole Heath ’20
Student Development
Major: Computer Science