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L.T. Jordan Membership

One important way to leave a legacy here at Texas A&M is by becoming involved in organizations.  If the L.T. Jordan Institute seems like an organization you want to be a part of, then we invite you to apply for membership(Deadlines are printed on the applications.)

Eligibility: Only Texas A&M Students with a GPR of at least 2.25 are eligible for L.T. Jordan membership.

Membership dues cover retreats, food, and a committee t-shirt.  A retreat is held every semester for business, food, fun, and games! General committee meetings, or GCMs, are held every two weeks; subcommittee meetings are held on the off weeks.

To learn more, read about us, our history, and past newsletters.

Meet the Student Leaders

Laura Roots ’22

Seth Jordan ’21
On-Campus Programming Executive

Heath Buttery ’23
On-Campus Programming Executive

Sarah Neidhardt ’21
Student Development Executive

Cristina Camargo ’23
Communications Executive

Muhammad Isad Mitsal ’22
Graphic Design Executive

Aleksandra Williams ’21
Overseas Loan Executive

Allie Goldreyer ’22
International Education Outreach Executive

Zainab Sunny ’22
Development Executive

Essynce Lewis ’22
Fellows Executive

Mahera Muquith ’23
Fellows Assistant Director