Details of the International Service Program

Purpose and Mission

The purpose of the MSC L.T. Jordan Institute for International Awareness International Service Program (ISP) is to provide an opportunity for Texas A&M University and Texas A&M Health Science Center students to gain meaningful cultural experience through a service-oriented program in another country. The mission of the program is to build student servant-leaders with an understanding and respect of other cultures.

Program Description

In collaboration with the School of Public Health and various graduate programs at Texas A&M University, the MSC L.T. Jordan Institute International Service Programs (ISP) shall arrange for the following:

  • Cross-cultural orientation to customs, society, and government of the host country during the spring semester of each year, prior to participants’ departure in the form of multiple orientation and planning seminars.
  • Living accommodations with a host family who will provide meals daily for six weeks.
  • Six week service project related to academic studies or career goals as available.
  • Frequent contact with a Texas A&M staff member or in-country coordinator while in the host country.
  • Air transportation to and from the host country.
  • Group ground transfers (to and from the airport) within host country.
  • After the end of this summer program, participants will be encouraged to present their cultural and professional experiences and perceptions to their classmates and other Texas A&M students during the fall semester at faculty-led lectures or on-campus seminars.

The ISP lasts six weeks. Students may choose to extend their experience to 12 weeks or longer in order to receive study abroad or course credit; however, students must make all arrangements for this independently of the L.T. Jordan Institute.

Funding, Costs, and Price

The MSC L.T. Jordan Institute, International Service Program Partners, and private donations will partially provide funding for the program. The ISP program covers all round trip airfare, in-country travel, housing, and most food expenses for all participants. Please review the ISP application for program costs and contact the L.T. Jordan Institute for any questions.

Incidental expenses not covered by the fee may include, but are not limited to:

  • all personal needs
  • any required travel documents and/or preventative medical care needed prior to departure
  • photographic equipment, film, and processing
  • other food and snacks as desired
  • personal shopping and gifts
  • pleasure travel not scheduled in the group trip

Texas A&M students may apply for an interest-free loan from the MSC Overseas Loan Fund. Interviews for these loans are scheduled on a monthly basis. Ask the MSC L.T. Jordan Institute staff for information about scholarship sources.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be graduate students currently enrolled at Texas A&M University or the Texas A&M Health Science Center with a GPR of at least 3.25, or highly qualified undergraduate students with at least a 3.0. Students graduating prior to program’s departure are ineligible to participate in any ISP or ILAP.
  • Preference is given to students with little or no international travel or living abroad experience but with a demonstrated interest in international affairs.
  • Valid and current passport is required of all students prior to departure.
  • Students must have demonstrated ability to function effectively in a cross-cultural environment and to uphold the image of Texas A&M as a world-class institution.
  • The MSC L.T. Jordan Institute reserves the right to deny acceptance to applicants who have been convicted of any felony or other crimes.

Application and Selection Process

  1. Interested students submit applications and recommendation forms to the L.T. Jordan Institute Office, room 2293 of the MSC (Deadlines are printed on the applications.)
  2. Applicants will be screened by members of the Service Partnership to narrow the number of candidates for the interview process. The following officials of the International Service Partnership will interview applicants:
    • L.T. Jordan Institute staff director or designee
    • L.T. Jordan Institute student chairperson or designee
    • L.T. Jordan Institute graduate assistant
    • Student director of the International Service Program
    • Representative of the School of Public Health
    • Representative of the Texas A&M Health Science Center
  3. Applicants shall be notified of the interview outcome by mail, as well as by telephone, within five working days after the final interview.


Requirements include but are not limited to the following:

  • Upon selection as a participant, student must complete a contract and release form which includes all rules, regulations and requirements.
  • Participants must attend bi-weekly orientation and planning seminars during the spring semester preceding participants’ departure.
  • Additionally, upon return to Texas A&M, participants will be required to write a paper and present their experiences to students both on campus and in local high schools.