On Campus Programs

Presentations on Global Issues

The L.T. Jordan Institute organizes and produces lectures, panel discussions, and entertainment programs each year for the Texas A&M University community. Each one focuses on an issue of international significance. Check out past events the L.T. Jordan Institute has helped put on!


MSC L.T. Jordan Institute for International Awareness is pleased to announce a thrilling and adventure-filled experience from the comfort of your own home, the Many Aggies, One World Podcast. The Aggie spirit has been to all corners of the globe, and there is a story that yearns to be shared for every person. Many Aggies, One World aims to do that while focusing on international experiences and personal stories.

Annual Events

The L.T. Jordan Institute helps coordinate and participates in the following events yearly:

  • Brazos Valley Worldfest
  • Fellows Banquet: The annual recognition of our new Fellows class and a celebration of past research
  • Russian Film Festival

Spring 2022 Events

Fall 2021 Events

Upcoming Events

Please see our calendar for upcoming activities!