The MSC L.T. Jordan Institute turned 30 last year! Thank you to all our students, staff, and alums for 30 wonderful years!

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Leland T. and Jesse W. Jordan



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The L.T. Jordan Institute strives to:




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MSC L.T. Jordan Announcements

General Committee member applications are now open for the spring. If interested please apply before the deadline, February 2nd.

Please check out our L.T. Jordan Fellows Program. The purpose of the L.T. Jordan Fellows Program is to provide highly qualified Texas A&M University students an opportunity for personal enrichment and education through an international cultural experience. Here is a link to the Candidates of 2017; the 29th class. You can find more information about the L.T.Jordan fellows program here. We celebrated the Jordan Institute’s 30th birthday last year! Please click here to view some pictures from the event. 


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Read Below For What Others Have To Say:

I had the privilege of participating in ILAP Singapore during the summer of 2015. My time in working in Singapore and immersing myself in the local culture has proven to be one of the most defining experiences I have had. I gained a great deal of insight into different ways of life and thinking, and thoroughly expanded my understanding of the world and what it means to live in an increasingly global society. I also found a second home in Singapore; it is a place a truly love, and would return to in a heartbeat if the opportunity arises.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to the L.T. Jordan Institute for International Awareness for granting me this opportunity.

Dakota Plesa
I participated in ILAP England 2015. Not only did I learn more about my career and the various cultures in the United Kingdom and across the globe, but I learned so much about myself while on this program. Additionally, my internship and experiences through this program were instrumental in getting my foot in the door at my dream company!
Rebecca Matlock
Having the opportunity to participate in ILAP Spain 2015-2016 was truly a growing and stretching experience. I was able to expand my language and cultural skills while learning that I am way more adaptable than I believed previously.
Claire Levatino
I participated in ILAP England, 2015-2016, and it was simply a dream! To be able to combine the culture provided by a study abroad and the work experience and environment provided by an internship, I was able to maximize my summer more than I ever thought was possible. If I could go back again, I would!
Olivia Lucero
Simply put: The International Service Program – Costa Rica Summer 2016 was a life-changing experience. I received hands-on experience volunteering with the local Red Cross that I do not believe I could find elsewhere. Being immersed in an entirely new culture has allowed me to open my eyes, heart, and mind to all of life and its beauty. I have found another home in the land of Costa Rica, and I will forever be grateful for the love and support from the people of Costa Rica. I am incredibly blessed to have been given this opportunity – Thank you MSC L.T. Jordan Institute.
Nathaniel Teplitskiy
I participated in ILAP Singapore of Summer 2016, and I could not believe how immersed into the culture I became. Living with a host family and working with Singaporeans gives you more of an understanding of the people and the culture that a study abroad couldn’t give you. Working abroad gave me beneficial career experience .
Sanam Vaidya
I spent six wonderful weeks in Seville as a part of 2014-2015 ILAP Spain. This experience was life-changing. Being placed in the middle of a city and joining in the routine activities of life exposed me to more facets of Seville than I would have experienced if I were tourist, which ranged from societal customs, fashion, and the wonders of public transportation. Being a part of ILAP allowed me to interact with native Spaniards, tourists, and other students who were studying abroad, all in Seville. The experience uncovered some traits about myself that I was not aware of, such as my adaptability and comfort in new areas. I believed that ILAP was an essential experience to my personal growth and professional development.
Jocelyn Ferriera