Camille is a Master’s candidate in Biomedical Sciences and will be traveling to the Chaqueño para la Conservación e Investigación (CCCI) in the Chaco region of Paraguay. She will conduct physical exams and collect samples and various health parameters and Chacoan and White-lipped peccaries, an endangered species native to the region. She will be working alongside local researchers to learn the techniques necessary to conduct isolated field research at the CCCI.

Chris is a PhD candidate in Animal Behavior and Communication and Biology, and will be traveling to Calnali Hidalgo, Mexico for three months. He will be conducting field work on pheromone communication and environmental disturbance in Xiphophorus ecosystems. Chris hopes to collect rare and valuable data for his research and immerse himself in the Mexican culture by engaging with locals and exploring the highlands of the Sierra Madre.

Annah is a PhD student in Veterinary Pathobiology and will be traveling to various regions of the northern and central Tunisia, primarily at the National Veterinary School of Sidi Thabet. She will be collecting Ixodes ricinus (castor bean tick) during weekly field visits to local national parks. Annah will extract and sequence the DNA from the specimens to ultimately compare the pathogens found in European and American ticks.

Cody is a PhD student in Biological Anthropology and will be traveling to the Central Kalimantan province of Indonesian Borneo for ten weeks. He will be collecting population counts and density data on Bornean tarsiers to assess conservation threats and field preliminary research for the his future dissertation. With this experience, Cody hopes to become acquainted with the conservation challenges and cultural factors facing Bornoe’s disappearing rainforests.

Brie is a PhD student in Biology and will be traveling to Costa Rica for months to study the reproductive physiology of sea turtles. She will identify and capture females shortly after mating and track them throughout the summer to recapture them for ultrasound and blood samples. This research will help inform management plans of Olive Ridley sea turtles and enrich the local communities in which Brie will work.

Whitney is a PhD candidate in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences and will be traveling to the Texas A&M Soltis Center in Costa Rica for six weeks. She will be investigating the latitudinal gradient of parasite diversity using rodents and their helminths (flukes, tapeworms, and roundworms) for her doctoral dissertation. Whitney hopes to gather additional host to parasite data from this experience and expose undergraduate students to international field work.